An unbearably hot and sunny day looking for a railroad car diner to enjoy a big fat greasy burger dripping with cheese and draped with a few slabs of bacon on top. Oh, that forced cool air blowing on my perspiring brow would feel as refreshing as sipping the cola from the soda fountain. That quest isn't very difficult being New Jersey is known for being the Diner Capital of the World. However, I was "Caught up in circles. Confusion is nothing new" That's right, the once challenging Ledgewood Circle (Roundabout) that has been revamp and modified into a boring "T" to accommodate the over abundance of the not so skilled modern day driver.

If you haven't already noticed, I quoted the lyrics from Cyndi Lauper's 1984 hit song "Time After Time." Why is it I quote such lyrics from her song? This well known diner that still stands today at the cross section in despair is longing to come back to life. What made this diner known as Tom's Diner so popular was not only the great food but it also was featured in Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" music video when it was still in operation. Sadly now it's abandoned and withering away into nothing.




Time After Time


Tom's Diner, a 1930 Silk City railroad style diner and is the second oldest diner in the state. In 2005 the kitchen closed for the last time and now Tom'e Diner is in desperation for restoration. A website has been created in hopes to raise money to restore the diner as it was semi-successful. However, with the burden of back taxes and legal complications, the diner has been stifled of her restoration project.








Iconic breakfast menu to make anyones mouth salivate and at reasonable prices!






If you travel past Tom's Diner during the Christmas Season, you just might find some festive decorations that a few faithful nostalgic patrons have placed showing their love to a place they used to dine.


New Jersey, please help restore and save the iconic Tom's Diner.
Let's make it a historical landmark.


Tom's Diner

One last thought, could Tom's Diner be the reference after the 1987 song with the same name sung by Suzanne Vega?