Satan's Chapel


Satan's Chapel 01


On a County Road formally numbered 666 (now 664) sat a dilapidated Chapel. The Mt. Hope Episcopal Methodist Church, built in 1868... However, most know it for it's more popular name: "Satan's Chapel." Dubbed from sinister rumors that Satanic Rites were performed here or possibly from the County Road number 666.

As we all know, rumors do tend to have a bit of truth to them and as time past, that rumor became more embellished each time it was told. Whether the rumor to have some truth to it or not, I cannot say. Though it does add a nice flavor when looking at this church.

Touring around this gorgeous church, I never felt uneasy nor that heavy feeling as if someone was watching me. The only fear I had was being arrested by Police since there were signs posted nearly every ten feet or so not to trespass and that I'd be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Allegedly there has been arrests here in the past. The church was also rigged with an alarm system, so I didn't venture to find a way inside. Though it appears small tunnels were made by Gophers which most likely took residence inside.


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Satan's Chapel 03

"Thus Sore and Sad as we Grieve and ere the Death Bell Toll"


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Rumor has it... Yes "Rumor" says that this Mt. Hope Episcopal Methodist Church is in the process of being restored to it's original luster. The vintage photograph below I downloaded from the internet quite a number of years ago. It was very faint and hard to see, so I edited it to give it a more dramatic feel. I tried to find the site where it came from to no avail, so I cannot give credit of it's origin.

From what I recall, it was taken late 1800's ~ 1900's. Such a beautiful church with her gorgeous window trimmings and embellishments that were well crafted. Let's hope that one day this hidden gem will return to it's original state.


Satan's Chapel 14

Mt. Hope Episcopal Methodist Church



Click on the link below to see most likely the only video on the internet. I shot this several years ago.