pine hills retirement home



The sun was low, shining its warmth through the trees mixing with the slight brisk coolness of the Autumn air. The leaves were just starting to change as the deep shades of reds, yellows and golds litter the grounds making mosaic patterns on the forest floor. I stopped and listened, hearing only the whisper of the soft breeze whistling through the long leave Pine Needles. The faint smell of musk and fragrant tobacco emanated from the broken windows and open doors of the once occupied Senior Housing.


An overgrown road leading up to the Pines Inn



The Pines Inn was an independent living community with Senior apartment rentals. They claim to provide safe and easy maintenance living for Senors who can still live independently. They will never be left alone for the Pines Inn had a staff for cooking, cleaning and doing laundry as well as coordinating activities. The Seniors can enjoy engaging in these social activities with the other Seniors, creating a carefree environment. Throughout many decades the Pines Inn was thriving with Senior tenants residing, ultimately making this their final destination to live.

Suddenly in 2008, all the Seniors were hauled off in busses, splitting them up unknowingly and leaving them at several different Senior Housing projects. They were only allowed to bring what they could carry, leaving everything else behind. This all occurred within a 48 hour period not giving any time for the Seniors to collect anything. All their belongings including: furniture and clothes were left behind, including small personal items, books, cards, and items with sentimental value such as photo albums and Birthday Cards. Apparently the person/s running the Inn was notorious for breaking violations and not following regulations along with not having the proper licenses to operate to code.

Today the Pines Inn sits dormant in the forest desperately falling into despair. Well known for teens to hang out and graffiti the walls as to others scavenging old radiators and baseboards. The Great room had tables knocked over with unfinished Jigsaw Puzzles and Playing Cards. Now the walls and floors are rotting away making some rooms non walkable as they are extremely hazardous to enter for you'll fall straight through the floor.

The time of when the structure was built is unknown. Though if I had to guess, I'd say around the 1930's. But I could be completely off the mark on this.












"Come Find Me"

Is this a game of Hide and Seek? Possibly a trap of which I may not escape from? Well it is certain that it's a game for someone. What do I do? Play my own game and proceed to enter at my own risk. Ready or not, here I come!

"Ready or Not, Here I Come!"







The Great Room






















Saddened to see a brand new purse laying on the floor
Baught from the hart for that special Granddaughter













Dumb Waiter











Carrage House









One last look through a window with a view before retirement...



Click on the link below to take an inside look of the Abandoned Pines Inn Retirement Home.